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Body Shop Alternative For Door Dings & Dents

Do you wish there was a faster way to take care of the dings and dents in your car? Do you want to find an auto body shop alternative? Mr Dents is Sydney's leading provider of paintless dent repair. We have more than ten years of experience performing intricate fixes on cars from company vehicles to exotic brands and classic vehicles. Our specialized techniques and tools never affect the paint on your car, so we help you maintain the value of your car.

Mr Dents is your auto body shop alternative in Sydney

Why take your car or van to the body shop where it will sit for a couple of days before someone gets around to bringing it to the shop to start assessing the damage. After a few more days, you will get a call saying how long it will take to get the car in the paint booth. Then, if you are lucky, your vehicle will be ready in about two weeks, but will the paint match? Is your vehicle going to regain full value? Mr Dents can save you all the hassle with paintless dent repair that takes about an hour.

Benefits of using a body shop alternative

Repairs all around Sydney

Mobile service

Fixes in about an hour

Much more affordable as an auto body shop alternative

Safe, effective tools that protect your vehicle finish

Saves you hassle, time, and money with prices about a fraction of the cost of conventional body shop repairs.

For a free quote give us a call on 0405116692 or visit

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