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Mr Dents is the #1 Paintless Dent Remover in Sydney

You may not have heard of Mr Dents, but we are a leading paintless dent remover in Sydney. We provide a valuable service that is mobile, fast, and costs thousands less than traditional body repairs. We discuss the process and benefits a little more below.

Reasons to use MR Dents as your leading paintless dent remover in Sydney

Faster than traditional auto body repair services

Mobile services that come to your home or office

Ten years experience as a paintless dent remover Sydney company

Highly skilled and trained technicians that work on luxury models and fleet vehicles regularly

Ability to restore value in your boat, truck, van, car, motorcycle, or bus

Immediate equity boost

Countless referrals on social media sites like Yelp, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube

How paintless dent removal improves the value of your vehicle

Since we never bother the finish on your vehicle, we maintain the paint on your car, truck, or van. Our experts use specialized equipment that gently pulls the dent or ding out with heat and suction. We never have to sand or repaint your vehicle. Your insurance company is more likely to pay for the procedure because it only takes about an hour and completely restores the equity in your boat or motorcycle.

At Mr Dents, we can provide you with paintless dent remover Sydney that gets rid of your dents and dings in an hour or less in most cases. We boost the value of your vehicle and maintain the finish while doing it.

For a FREE quote give us a call on 0405116692 or visit

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