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Top 5 Benefits Of Paintless Dent Repair In Sydney

As a car owner, you might be wondering why auto body repair services are important. Safe to say that when you know there were more than 6,000 major hail storms in 2017, which resulted into more than $1.8 billion in crop and property damage, you understand. your car might have been damaged by one of these storms, too. MR Dents Paintless Dent Repair Sydney - Central Coast repair presents you with cost-effective and quality paintless ding repair for your car. Besides leaving you with undetectable repair, there are other benefits that you can enjoy from paintless dent removal services.


ost Effectiveness

Because paintless dent repair takes less time, labour costs are usually considerably lower when compared to the traditional dent repair. Your car will be repaired within a short period, and before you know it, you're rolling down the highway. One of the aspects that makes paintless car repair cost effective is the fact that you don't have to pay for materials such as primer, auto paint, and filler. However, it is important to highlight that the cost of paintless ding repair varies with the location and the level of damage to your car.

Less Repair Time

As highlighted above, MR Dents Paintless Dent Repair Sydney - Central Coast repair takes much less repair time when you go paintless. Quite literally, there is no time spent waiting for paint to dry. In most cases, hail damage repair takes a single day or sometimes less.

Retained Value

Traditional dent repair techniques used to have a significant impact on the original value of the vehicle. However, modern car dent removal processes take care to maintain the value of your vehicle. There are specialized tools used in paintless dent removal that do not alter the original finish, especially in luxury and vintage cars.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Car dent removal is not only hassle and money free, but it also doesn't use any solvents or petroleum solutions, which means that there are no negative impacts on the environment. Conventional dent removal practices used harmful solvents that have the potential to release harmful substances into the environment.

Insurance Claim Assistance

When it comes to dent repair, insurance companies may be able to cover most of the cost, depending on the source of your damage. That means that you are left with very little or nothing to pay from your pocket. It is important to highlight that a considerable number of people don't know how to file insurance claims and also to estimate the damages incurred. Most of the auto experts offer free estimates to their customers.

If you've noticed some kind of dent on your car, whether after a hail storm or after running to the store, seeking out paintless dent repair professionals is an excellent option. And at MR Dents, you'll find a team of trained and experienced technicians who are eager to get you back on the road.

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